If you cannot get home in an emergency

If an emergency happens you might not be able to get home.

Public transport might stop running like:

  • buses
  • trains.
A road closed sign in front of a cracked road

Roads might be blocked / closed so you cannot use them.

Sometimes areas might be blocked / closed so you cannot get to them at all.

Things to think about

If an emergency happens:

  • how will you get home if you cannot take your usual way of getting home?
  • will anyone else go home with you?
  • where will you go / meet up with people if you cannot get home at all?

Things you can do if you cannot get home in an emergency 

You should talk to the people you live with so you know where you can go / meet if you cannot get home.

Places that you can go to / meet up with other people might be:

  • a school
  • the home of a friend
  • the home of a family member.

Ask your workmates:

  • if they live near you
  • if you can travel home with them.

You should keep a grab bag:

  • at work
  • in your car.

A grab bag is a small backpack of essential items.

Your grab bag should include:

  • sturdy shoes that you can walk in
  • warm clothes 
  • some food / snacks
  • a bottle of water
  • a torch and spare batteries
  • a radio.

If you have children in school / an early childhood centre you should think about who will go to them if you cannot.

Give the school / early childhood centre a list of 3 people you trust who can pick your children up for you.